Building Team Morale

Updated: May 2, 2018

A SUCCESSFUL TEAM IS built from the ground up. Qualities you want on your team include good teamwork, real loyalty, and high efficiency, but the foundation for all of those is morale. When your team feels great about what they do, they’ll make the extra effort to do it well!

The Importance Of Team Morale

Your brand extends past the logo, online presence, and every other marketing medium you work toward perfecting. Your internal culture reaffirms to every patient who walks through your door of the brand perception they had when choosing you as their provider. The goal is to help you raise awareness with your staff, so more people fully accept their responsibility to making things better continually. Take a look at what Dr. Juan Faja-Fernadez of Seabreeze Orthodontics had to say after going through one of our sessions.

While we love our clients to give reviews, their staff taking the time to do one speaks volumes to the effectiveness.

How To Build Morale

We do it by delivering a new message coupled with an activity quarterly to your staff. Typically we select an off-site location as a fresh way to reinforce with your people what matters most at work ... cultivating better relationships and better results. A wonderful side benefit ... sometimes the ideas help people at home too.

Once a year, we like to take our clients and their staff off-site for a "radical" activity to reinforce the motivation and team building we've done throughout the year. Pictured below is Sawgrass Pediatric Dentistry and their staff before challenging their fear of heights on this arial adventure rope course at Radical Ropes and Fairway Dental as they rely on the team through communication as they try to "break out" of a situation together.

How We Can Help

If you’re ever in need of more ideas for building the morale in your practice or would like advice about any of the other aspects of the business side of things, let us know! We can work together to find ways that will work best for your practice. So give us a call; we’ll be right here.

Keep up the good work!