The Value Of Patient Loyalty

ONE OF THE MOST important things a practice can do is earn and keep patient loyalty. When patients return to your practice, again and again, it’s better for their health, but it’s also better for your practice!

How To Earn Patient Loyalty

It's natural for our clients to focus on earning new patients on a routine basis. After all, that seems to be the logical path to growth. However, when you start to realize patients come and go your focus begins to shift to retention. Some patients come in for a minor procedure, and you never see them again. Others come in for a complex case, and they return year after year and refer their friends as well.

The most crucial factor in patient retention is your relationship with the patient.

While patients choose your practice to solve a problem, what they are buying is a personal relationship with you. The most successful practices understand this and treat their patients with all of the one-on-one attention and energy they can muster. Struggling practices often see patients as replaceable commodities, and treat their patients impersonally, making patients feel like an unwelcome imposition, not a welcome guest.

The key to practice success is creating an energy-dynamic in your practice that puts the patient at the center of your focus. When your practice becomes genuinely patient-focused, the rewards of patient loyalty will multiply.

The Benefits Of Loyal Patients

Everyone wants the loyal patient, but loyalty starts with trust. If you succeed in building trust by focusing on the improvement of your patients lives in a meaningful way, you will find that patients will become brand ambassadors, telling everyone they know about you and your incredible team. Patients aren't the only focus; it is imperative that you treat your team with respect and act with warmth and compassion, so your team will stand behind you and mimic your attitude and behavior. This new "culture of caring" will fill your appointment schedule with loyal patients and fill your life with meaning.

We Can Help You Increase Retention

We are here to help you find success in your practice, and improving your doctor/patient relationships to build a base of loyal patients is part of that! If you have any questions about how you can earn patient loyalty, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for being our loyal clients!

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