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This client is based in Houston, Texas, and was referred to us by another client from Hawaii. A new concierge family medicine practice hired us to develop their brand and bring it to life on the web. They had a single-page website with a logo they were using for the time being but knew they wanted more! So, we got to work! 


  • Brand Development
    • Created a new logo, fonts, and color palette. 

    • Designed and developed a new website that offered more information and connectivity. 

  • Social Media 
    • Set up and optimized Facebook

    • Set up and optimized Instagram

    • Set up and optimized Google my Business

  • Initial Search Engine Optimization 
    • Google Adwords

    • Google Analytics

    • Google Tag Manager

    • Goole Listings

    • Keyword Optimization

    • Page Optimization

    • Website Optimization

While we had fun working with this group to develop and launch their brand, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned.


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